Do I Need A Door For Loft Conversion Stairs

Do I Need A Door For Loft Conversion Stairs

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Use Eaves Space Wisely For Fittings And Storage

However, if this is your only option it deserves checking with the regional structure inspector first for the interpretation of the policies. If you can not construct above the existing stairs you may require to be more creative. Check out our storage center for lots more storage ideas and purchases, too.

Are Fire Doors Heavy?

If you have a basic 2 story home then the following fire doors will require to be in place, If you wish to discuss your job or thinking about doing a loft conversion and need any suggestions please call us to talk to among our educated fire door experts, extra guidance on loft conversion at Loft Conversions London (

How Do We Ensure Building Regulations Are Achieved?

Mainly if you are carrying out an attic conversion then you are needed to have a fire safe path between the attic and the front door of the residential or commercial property. Ad hoc conversions carried out in the past might not fulfill any building requirements or regulations.

Important Considerations For Stairs To A Loft Conversion

An important thing to keep in mind is that the series of options offered is likewise constrained by the requirement to conform to building guidelines and fire safety, so these aspects need to be taken into account when considering the position of your stairs.

Where Will The New Stairs Go?

Below are example of a mini open riser stair and a stair with metal bars that conform to constructing regulations. Please note - we are not fans of spiral or alternate tread stairs!

Loft Conversion Insulation

You should also think about insulating any party walls, both versus heat loss and noise. You need to utilize some high performance insulation for all of these locations.

Alternatives To A Straight Staircase

If there is not enough space to produce a straight staircase from the first flooring to the loft there are other alternatives.

Thermal Insulation

Present requirements set an optimum heat loss worth of 0.18 W/m2K for the roof and 0.30 W/m2K for the walls.

How Long Will You Take To Convert My Loft?

Though the angle of your roof might be tricky, there might be enough head space in your loft.

Is My Roof Pitch Right For A Loft Conversion?

Loft conversions that are expertly designed abide by the policies of the structure.

Dormer Loft Conversion

Is your loft prepared to be converted? Call 0203 633 8198. Fire doors are important for a loft conversion.

Get The Best From The Space With Professional Know-How

These are not especially liked by constructing inspectors however may be the only option. They can not be used as the main staircase, however are a possible alternative if the prospective pitch of the stairs has to be higher than 42 °.

Open Riser Stairs;

Below are example of a mini open riser stair and a stair with metal bars that conform to building regulations. You need to put in repaired stairs to provide safe access to and from the new space.

Loft Conversion Roof Structure & Floor Joists

For ideas on which house plants are best matched to a loft, have a read of our guide to how to look after house plants.

Do I Need Fire Doors?

Most of the doors fitted were fire doors, consisting of the glazed double doors off the main hallway, which are our design R109-4V.

Loft Conversion Insulation Details

You ought to use some high efficiency insulation for all of these locations.

Thermal Insulation

Windows and roof lights are to achieve a U value of W/m2K.