Can You Have Open Plan Loft Conversion

Can You Have Open Plan Loft Conversion

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How Long Does A Loft Conversion Take?

Learn more about the ins and outs of including a loft ensuite. Converting your loft is a relatively cheap and easy method to increase the size and value of your property - however just how much does a loft conversion expense? There are 4 basic kinds of loft conversion and they differ in intricacy and in expense. Learn the typical cost of a loft conversion in our guide to loft conversion costs in the UK.

2 Know The Building Regulations Your Loft Conversion Must Meet

As a loft conversion is amaterial change of use', building guidelines need to be satisfied and you ought to consider them highly when constructing your loft conversion strategies, extra guidance on loft conversion at Loft Conversions Cambridge (

Up On The Roof

This is where the roof structure is changed at the back of your house to produce a far bigger location with full headroom.

Remember Building Regulations

If you have an open-plan ground floor, that is usually great when a house is just on ground and very first floor.

Why Choose Us For Loft Sprinkler Systems?

Dormers are often referred to as kennel or box conversions and offer some extra space in the loft space.

Integral Garages And Fire Safety

They differ in height, length and weight and, as such, require varying degrees of gain access to.

Planning Permission And Your Loft Conversion

The answer is, not generally, but always consult your local planning department.

Example Of Architectural Drawings From A Loft Conversion

Learn more about the ins and outs of adding a loft ensuite. Discover the average rate of a loft conversion in our guide to loft conversion rates in the UK.

Creating A New Mansard Roof

The typical price of changing your roof structure is anywhere upwards of UK £ 40,000.

Loft Conversions An Essential Guide To Planning Designing And Costing When Converting Your Loft

The answer is, not normally, but always consult your regional planning department.